A tasty breakfast mix, tailor-made
for your personal health and wellbeing goals.

Start every day eating and feeling your best.


1: Set your goals

Start by telling us about your goals, exercise and diet or use the quick online self assessment to define your goals.


2: Pick ingredients

Choose from recommended ingredients with fitting nutrients that support your ideal personal wellbeing to set your recipe.


3: Get your mix

Your Goalbowl mix comes delivered every month, so that every day starts with you eating and feeling your best.


4: Enjoy & update

Update your goals as your life changes. Enjoy a dynamic recipe that always fits the current you.


Do you too want a personal Goalbowl to feel your best?
Use our online nutritionist to start your recipe for free.


Discover powerful ingredients with real effects


We select honest premium ingredients you can understand, and match them to you based on their key nutrients and health effects.


Unique like you


The recipe of each Goalbowl is personalised to you. We match healthy ingredients to your goals based on their key nutrients and health benefits. Adjusting the amount makes it even more tailored and meaningful.


Want to find out more about your goals?


Simply leave your email and we'll get in touch to start your recipe with you for free, using a short questionnaire to help you set your goals and design your mix!


Stop eating things made for everyone.
Start enjoying good food made for you.


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